Green Homes Pilot Program

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The Green Homes pilot program is offering Evanston homeowners and landlords no- or low-cost home repairs and upgrades - paid for by the City - to help residents feel healthier in their homes and lower utility bills.

What type of home repairs and upgrades can I get? A wide range of improvements are eligible: new electrical systems; more or better insulation; new windows or doors; rooftop solar panels; flood prevention; lead pipe replacement; and others. The value of improvements could be up to $20,000 or more.

Why should I participate? This program can reduce your utility bills, increase energy efficiency, improve the health and safety of your home, increase the value of your property, and help you access similar programs. In most cases, the pilot program will cover the full cost of home improvements.

How does the program work? Apply to the program in one of the ways explained below. If you’re eligible and funds are available, the Evanston Development Cooperative will assess your property’s needs and prioritize repairs and upgrades. A construction manager will guide you through the process and all work will be performed by qualified contractors, who you will be involved in choosing.

Is my property eligible?

Participants must be within the program area and satisfy additional requirements.

1. First, enter an address to check if your home is within an eligible area.

Eligible areas
are in the 5th Ward west of Green Bay Road, and near St. Francis Hospital in southern Evanston.

How do I register?

If you are interested in participating in the Green Homes Pilot, and you are eligible based on your neighborhood and your income, please sign up:

  • Online: Register online by checking your eligibility on the map above.
  • Phone / Email: Contact the Evanston Development Cooperative directly at (847) 220-4844 or and they will collect the necessary information from you.
  • Mail: Fill out the form on this brochure and submit it to the Evanston Development Cooperative at:
    1124 Florence Ave,
    Evanston IL 60202

This program is funded by the City of Evanston, and will be offered from June 2023 until funding is exhausted - so please contact us today! Not all eligible households will be able to receive assistance due to limited funding.